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Other Market Information1ElecLink Go-Live Notice
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2022-05-25 10:00:00Z2022-05-25 10:00:00ZActiveElecLink Go-Live Notice
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The ElecLink Interconnector will be available to flow commercially from 10:00 (GMT) on 25th May 2022, with the Day Ahead capacity auction taking place on the 24th May 2022. Details on the different products / auction schedules for the Interconnector will be made available on the Joint Allocation Office website.
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Please note to allow for system configuration ahead of go-live, a planned outage will be notified via the REMIT portal from Monday 23/05/2022 11:00 (GMT) until Wednesday 25/05/2022 10:00:00 (GMT).
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"This information has been provided by market participants to comply with Article 4 of REGULATION (EU) No 1227/2011 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 25 October 2011 on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency."