Welcome to the Balancing Mechanism Reporting System (BMRS)

This BMRS website provides near real time and historic data about the Balancing Mechanism which is used by the National Grid (System Operator) as a means of balancing power flows on to and off the electricity Transmission System in Great Britain.

From 16 December 2014, the BMRS website will publish Transparency Regulation data received from National Grid (P295) and data received from participants (submitted via National Grid or the ELEXON Portal) relating to Regulation on Wholesale Energy Markets Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) data (P291).

If you have any questions relating to this change, the site's main Help page has a 'What's New ...?' section that describes the change more fully and provides further information. For any other enquiries or feedback, please contact us as described on the Contact Us page.

ELEXON Ltd is the Balancing and Settlement Code Company (BSCCo) defined and created by the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC and also known as the Code). ELEXON Ltd procures, manages and operates services and systems, which enable imbalance settlement of the wholesale electricity market and retail competition in electricity supply.

The BSCCo (ELEXON Ltd) supports the BSC Panel, which oversees the operation of the trading arrangements and modifications to the trading rules. ELEXON Ltd publishes on its website additional information which is relevant to the process of Imbalance Settlement. To access this information please click here.

For any media enquiries, please contact ELEXON'S Communication Content Advisor at communications@elexon.co.uk

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