System Warnings
Warning Date/Time
Warning Text
2022-05-17 09:37To All Balancing Mechanism Wider Access API EDL and EDT Users Please be advised that there will be a planned outage impacting all WA API connected BMUs to the Balancing Mechanism from 10:10 to 15:10 on 24/05/2022. Please note: this change does not impact Market Participants that have dedicated communication lines into the Balancing Mechanism. The Balancing Mechanism will be available throughout this outage for those Control Room users. For any technical issues or incidents, please phone 0800 917 7111 or 0800 085 4806. Overseas callers should use +44 870 521 6121 and quote WA-API. All Trading Points should notify their Control Points of this WA API outage to ensure that they are prepared to take telephone instructions or submit dynamic data changes to the ENCC. WA API Services Impacted during the Outage: o NGESO_Health o NGESO_Normalization o NGESO_Instruction o NGESO_Redeclaration o NGESO_Submission Issued by Brendan Lyons at 10:37 on 17/05/2022
2022-05-17 09:23From: Power System Manager - National Grid Electricity Control Centre NATIONAL GRID NOTIFICATION - BALANCING MECHANISM IT SYSTEMS PLANNED OUTAGE To All Balancing Mechanism (BM) System Users There will be a planned BM outage from 10:10 to 15:10 on 24/05/2022 which will affect EDT, EDL and BSAD communications and will NOT incur a server changeover. All Trading Points must notify their Control Points (CP) of the outage and ensure they are prepared to take telephone instructions or submit dynamic data changes by telephone to the ENCC. NOTE: from the start of the outage CPs should not use EDL until they receive notification of completion of the outage. Any EDL re-declarations will be rejected with an error message (R999). Similarly, when the systems are returning, the EDL link may appear available but will not be. Further updates will be via BMRS and the outage will be confirmed with users via BMRS just before the start. Contact: 0800 917 7111 or 0800 085 4806 Overseas contact: +44 870 521 6121 quoting NETA EDT Issued at 10:23 hours on 17/05/2022. Issued by Brendan Lyons National Grid Electricity National Control Centre.

System Warnings are messages published by the System Operator to inform all involved parties of important information concerning operational and commercial issues. For example, System Warnings are used to notify a shortfall in electricity margins (Electricity Margin Notice), Demand Control Warnings, IT System Outages or Failures, Risk ... Show More